By-law Enforcement

Municipality of North Middlesex Schedule of Fees - January 1, 2016

Reminder to anyone who owns or controls a dog as per the provisions of By-law #10 of 2010

Notice to Residents and Property Owners Regarding Noxious Weeds

Parking By-Law - Includes information on various parking infractions and set fine amounts, listed no parking and no stopping zones, dates and times for overnight parking, etc.

Property Standards By-Law - Includes information on the expected level of maintenance and occupancy or properties within the Municipality of North Middlesex, both houses and accessory buildings.

Tidy Yard By-Law - Includes information on the expected level of maintenance to exterior yards of a property, including domestic and industrial waste, compost, grass cutting, and inoperative motor vehicles.

Dog By-Law - Includes information on various infractions, set fines and expectations for proper care for dogs, including proper food, shelter, picking up after your dog, and kennel licensing and requirements.

Swimming Pool By-Law - Includes information regarding regulations for above and in ground pools and hot tubs, including proper fencing, gates, and covers.

Open Air Burning By-Law - Includes information on controlled burns, who to notify, campfires / recreational fires, and fine amounts. The by-law is enforced by both the Municipality of North Middlesex and the Fire Department.

Municipal Valuer/ Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program - The Municipality of North Middlesex co-ordinates claims under the Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program. The purpose of the Program is to provide compensation to eligible Applicants who’s Livestock and/or Poultry have been injured or killed as a result of Wildlife. The owner must contact the Municipality within forty-eight (48) hours of discovering the injury or death. If this is discovered over the weekend, the owner should take pictures of the livestock that has been killed that include a date on the picture and any other pictures of the area that will assist in the investigation. The Municipal Clerk (or designate) shall immediately notify the Municipal Valuer for the Municipality, who will make and complete a full investigation within three (3) days of receiving the notification from the Clerk of the Municipality (or the Administrator)

The Municipality’s Municipal Valuers are the By-Law Enforcement Officers. Please contact the Municipal Office to report a claim at 519-294-6244.

Eligibility Requirements Under the Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program (click here)