2014 Election

2014 Municipal Election

The 2014 Municipal Election has now closed. The total eligible electors for this election was 5,049. At the close of polls, the participation rate indicated that 49.3% of eligible voters cast their vote of which 1,713 was through the internet and 778 was by phone. The results of the 2010 Municipal Election indicated a 44% voter turn out.

Financial Statement Auditors Report Form 4 (March 27/15 at 2:00 p.m. deadline)

Don Shipway, Brian Ropp, Doreen McLinchey, Joan Nichol, Gord Moir, Andrew Hemming,

Adrian Cornelissen, Merv Carter, Joe Lenders, Marvin Jones Chuck Hall Bradley Harness

2014 Final Election Results (Please note this does not include final totals for the School Board Trustees)

2014 Certified School Board Election Results

Official list of candidates for municipal council

List of Certified Candidates - School Board Trustee

For any information pertaining to the election please contact:
Jackie Tiedeman, Clerk
Municipality of North Middlesex
229 Parkhill Main St., Parkhill
P.O. Box 9
Parkhill, ON N0M 2K0

Phone: 519-294-6244
Fax: 519-294-0573